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We work with property owners to ensure taxable values are always fair!


Residential Properties

Tax assessors use mass appraisal methods to determine “true market value” of your home. Unfortunately, small, but important details are often overlooked. We dig deeper, researching similar properties and calling out errors or omissions to reduce the tax dollars you pay.
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Commercial Properties

Commercial taxes are complicated matters which deserve a fair and objective analysis from a specialized group. Many companies find it easier to outsource this to a team with a history of success. With a contingency fee structure, you get instant ROI without the risk.
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Business Personal Property

Assessors usually follow the cost approach method to derive asset costs. They look to accounting records to calculate your final rendition. The process of assessing this property is often riddled with errors. We conduct reverse audits to ensure the maximum savings.
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Who We Are

In simple terms, our mission is to save tax dollars you are paying out as expense by negotiating on your behalf with appraisal districts to receive fair market value of your taxable assets.

As a family owned and operated business, we believe in – and follow fair and ethical business practices. Because of that, we don’t charge our clients if we aren’t able to reduce taxable values – put another way, if we can’t save you money, you don’t spend your money.
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How We're Different



It’s true! Anyone can file a tax protest. Our team leverages experience with thousands of successful tax reductions not only saving you the most money now, but also to keep your property value fair tomorrow.



While our contract is written so we can ensure your taxes stay low year after year, we also respect our client’s freedom to choose. Because of that, we custom-tailor every agreement to best suit your unique tax situation.



Most clients are satisfied with a Contingency fee basis, but we also offer proactive tax monitoring and reductions with a year-to-year, or flat-fee, agreement. This both keeps costs low and ensures the maximum savings!



We’ve found no better way to ensure actual results, than to guarantee you savings before ever requesting payment. There is No Cost, and No Risk, Period. If we can’t save you money, you don’t spend your money!

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If you're paying too much in real estate taxes for your business, home, or investment property, we'll happily speak with you, completely free of charge.

We believe in treating our clients like family! That means always promoting fast and friendly customer service. Because of that, our team makes every effort to respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours. In the unlikely event that we can’t, we’ll happily return 5% of your final property tax reduction.

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Four Reasons To Protest

Your property taxes may not be accurate if:

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1. Your appraised value is NOT based on an individual property assessment.

Instead, the proposed value of your home was probably determined by mass appraisal. Appraisal districts usually don’t have adequate staffing or time to check every home individually. This means that even though your home was built and has depreciated uniquely, it is valued based on other properties.

2. The current economic value of properties has either grown or declined.

When the larger economy grows, appraisal districts increase values, however when the economy is in decline it is incredibly unlikely that these values will be reduced. More importantly, your property taxes remain high.

3. Your property value has decreased, but your tax (millage) rate was increased.

Local governments rely on taxation to meet their annual budget. However, government budgets will rarely, if ever, be reduced. This means that when your property value has decreased, such as when materials have depreciated, you could be paying more in taxes if the millage rate increased by a small fraction.

4. Foreclosure homes can be used as comparrisons to reduce your property value.

As of January 1st, 2010, the appraisal district may not exclude a residence homestead when used as a comparable property for helping to determine the market value, if the property was sold in foreclosure in any of the three years preceding the tax year your home is being valued.

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